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Professional proofreading services: Don't burden your staff with the job of catching mistakes. Instead, let them focus on their tasks and core skills and outsource your business proofreading to me. I will catch typos, repair broken grammar, and fix misspellings; a good proofreading will ensure that your work is reviewed and appraised for its content and not rejected out of hand because of small mistakes. Your final draft isn't really “final” until it has been proofread.%0A%0AWhat will you receive?%0A%0A● An edited manuscript in which the misspellings, grammar errors, and typos have been corrected%0A● Changes and suggestions to help improve clarity, flow, structure, and readability%0A● Tracked revisions so that you can see and review all the changes that have been made%0A● Commentary on any issues or concerns that remain in the document%0A● A short summary of the work that has been done and any major concerns%0A%0AWhat types of documents can you use this service for?%0A● Corporate blog posts%0A● Social media posts%0A● Reports%0A● Proposals%0A● Business plans%0A● Marketing and advertising copy%0A● Other business documents%0A● Essays%0A● Papers%0A● Assignments%0A● Journal articles%0A● Research projects

John Garity Productions LLC

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Contact Details: John Garity Productions LLC
Email:  jmgarity@icloud.com
Phone : 4072329870

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