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5000 Lumen 2 FT LED Tubes with a 5 year or 50,000 hour warranty are offered part US Dollars, plus Trade Dollars. For use in commercial applications,warehouses, hotels, resorts, restaurants, parking garages, showrooms, manufacturing facilities, retail, etc. Order directly from our strategic partner SMS Building Systems. The following link will connect you to all technical specifications and features for this product and allow you to place an order. Click Here

The following are prices based on the number of cases ordered. Each case contains 35 tubes.

One Case:
Total cost: $590.80
US Dollar Portion: $472.50
Trade Dollar Portion: $118.30

Two to Three Cases:
Total Cost: $566.65/per case
US Dollar Portion: $453.25/per case
Trade Dollar Portion: $113.40/per case

Four to Ten Cases:
Total Cost: $535.85/per case
US Dollar Portion: $428.75/per case
Trade Dollar Portion: $107.10/per case

Additional price breaks available for larger quantities.

Freight additional on all orders and will be calculated at time of order.

Cash portion of transaction, including freight payable at the time the order is placed.
10 to 14 days for receipt of shipment from the date order is placed.

All types of LED indoor and outdoor lights, LED lighting for use in new construction projects or the complete or partial replacement of existing non LED lighting are available upon request, part US Dollars plus Trade Dollars. Free estimates and assistance with procuring any available rebates are also offered for large custom orders.

Call Melinda Houser at 703-463-7105 for any inquiries or questions.

Melinda Houser

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